1. Unholy Revenge

From the recording Messenger of Death

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Dreamland castles fall to ashes
Every time when I stay awake
Darkness covers every thought
Within my sick and morbid brain
I shut my eyes in the fading sun
I witness the sunlight slowly die
I heard the darkness sweetly singing
I saw the holy creatures falling from the sky

You've seen the fall of red horizon
Blood was dripping on the world below
You forgot what you used to pray to god for
But you'll never forget his name
There was no faith left in your heart
Your hope was lost, your god was dead
Your fate betrayed you, spit in your face
You swore that you'd fine your sweet revenge

Will I ever see the birth of light?
Will I ever touch the stars?
Will I kill the fear inside of me?
Why was i born to die?

Start the merciless slaughter
No one will escape your wrath
You are the judge and savior
You are the way of life
Bring the fear, conquer the world
Hate is the strongest weapon
Revenge for the years of pain and sorrow
Revenge for the life of thralldom