Max M. - Bass
           Mike Grossman - Vocals & Lead Guitar  
                      Vern Samons - Drums 

DEADNIGHT was forged in the Chicago underground in 2003. Inspired by legendary acts like Sodom, Kreator and Death, DEADNIGHT brings forth an infectious blend of old school thrash metal steeped with the darkness and melancholy of Bathory and early Dissection. They are old school, uncompromising, with an honest and traditional approach to songwriting.

The band made their official debut in 2008 with Messenger of Death, released by Rotting Corpse Records. The album was supported with a performance at Central Illinois Metalfest 8, followed by a west coast tour of the United States. In 2011, the band unleashed their follow up, Rider’s of the Black Wind. The EP was mastered by Andy Laroque (King Diamond) at Sonic Train Studios. 

After an extended hiatus, the band reformed in 2022 with Canon of Irreverence. The self-released EP was recorded at DNHQ and was mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound AB. The organic production pays homage to the classic sound of albums from the early 1990s and demonstrates their most forthright and aggressive material to date.

Over the past two decades, the band has performed countless underground shows in the Chicago area, including opening for Kreator, Exodus and Children of Bodom at the Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The band made their official live return at Metal Threat Fest in 2023.



Canon of Irreverence just blows your mind, taking no prisoners (being ruthlessly aggressive & uncompromising) and a direct punch in the face.”

— Metal-Revolution

True metallic fury has been unleashed as Deadnight blasts forth with Messenger of Death, one of the most hammering, true METAL albums of the year.” - David Horn

— SOD Magazine

Riffs and leads soar like that of the mythical phoenix, barbarous rhythms resound from the bowels of hell, and inhumane vocals of the Dissection kind mutilate and eviscerate.” - Jason Deaville

— Bravewords & Bloody Knuckles

A no-frills approach that emphasizes razor sharp riffs, speedy gallops and conventional, yet skillfully written song structures goes a long way toward making the disc memorable and menacingly fun.” - Scott Alisoglu

— Metal Maniacs