1. Divine Liar

From the recording Messenger of Death

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I have waited for too long
To bring you down and see you fall
Blinded I refuse to be
Forever I'll be your enemy
On and on you feed us lies
Now the time has come to rise
Your kingdom is falling and you can't hide
I shall burn the holy book with pride

Deceit and betrayal is always with you
Your prayers of followers will never come true
You send our sons to die for your cause
With hate and despise I spit on the cross
War is declared and now it's time
To kill everything that made you divine
Our children will never be weak and enslaved
We'll burn down your heaven, today is the day

I am not your servant and I am not your slave
I will fight you till I lie down in my grave
I am a sinner, and I will be until I die
Divine liar, you will not take me alive